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No ordinary photoshoot...

People tell me after their photoshoot that they felt comfortable in my presence and that the session was enjoyable, and for some, therapeutic. Each of my photoshoots are as different as the next, they are unique to the clients own requests, however, the one thing that they have in common is that they are far from any mainstream portrait photoshoot you will receive from other photographer in Scotland.

The most common question I am asked before the photoshoot is “how does the photoshoot work..?”, so let me walk you through a typical photoshoot.

No matter if a single person or a couple are being photographed, the main format and structure of the photoshoot are the same.


Before the photoshoot, clients are encouraged to outline the type of photos they are looking to have done; this can be by email, an arranged video call or even by sending me example images that they have collected from the internet.

It also helps to know what the images are for and how they will be used afterwards, for example, as a personal keep sake and body confidence boost, a collection photoset for a loved one, updating an online profile, refreshing a model portfolio, or used as content for an OnlyFans subscription page.

The more I know, the more I can tailor the photoshoot to the clients’ requirements, as well as advise on whether a studio or location setting is best and what clothing and props perhaps to bring etc…


No matter if the photoshoot is taking place at the studio, at your home or on location, I start by greeting you and taking a little while to chat to you about the photoshoot and answer any of your questions before we start.

If I am visiting you at your home, hotel room or another location, then it is helpful to have a look around together, so we know what rooms or areas you want to use and which would work best for the photos.

The Photoshoot

It is expected that the client(s) are very nervous about posing in front of a camera possibly for the first time, especially taking into account that they will highly likely be naked at some point, as well as sexually intimate with themselves, or with one another if they are a couple.

Therefore, I start slowly with some test shots with the client clothed or in their underwear (depending on the type of requested photos) – however, some clients like to dive straight in and be naked from the outset. It all depends on their comfort level, which is always taken into consideration throughout the photoshoot.

As the photoshoot unfolds the client(s) relax and their confidence levels build, with them becoming comfortable with being naked (or semi-naked as the case might be) and then more open to moving on to the more erotic style of images.

Throughout the photoshoot, I will provide verbal guidance and instructions to find the most comfortable and natural of poses. We will take inspiration from any example photos that you might have provided me with, as well as refer to example images that I have put together.

Most clients start to adopt their own poses spontaneously, allowing for more casual and candid images to be taken; this is no more so than with couples who become more intimate with one another as they relax.

Each photoshoot ends in different ways; with some it is after a moment of sexual climax has been captured on camera, or once I am confident that we have captured all the photos that the client had requested.

The End

Clients, no matter how shy and nervous at the start of the photo shoot, find the end of the photoshoot disappointing. They comment on how fun, relaxed and most of the time how liberating and empowering the experience was.

Should you want to know more, then why not check out my Q&A page

If you are wanting to a new photographic experience and have those photos taken you have always wanted, then please contact me today and let's chat...

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