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Model for Me

Want a new life experience in 2024, then why not model for me...?

From time to time I look for people to model for me, for me trial new concepts and ideas, or help me re-fresh and expand my portfolio of work... 

Adult photographic modelling can be an exciting, fun and a liberating experience for those who have never done anything like this before.

I like to use non-professional models - you do not have any previous modelling experience, have a six pack, or a figure like a pencil to model for me. Far from it, you may want to do it as it interests you, or it is something you want to try as a new life experience...!

Though I specialise in male photography, I also photograph outside that gender demographic, so all are welcome to model for me, no matter your gender identity. I'd like to hear from anyone who is interested, whether you are single, or a couple (even just close friends who would like to pose together), please contact me today. 

About the photoshoot

There are some upper age restrictions depending on the photography you are wanting to do with me (18+ full nude), and this is strictly observed throughout the photoshoot.

The photoshoot is conducted in a professional manner, and the general feedback I get from people who model for me, is that they enjoy the experience (once the nerves subside).

Each model receives a full set of edited images taken during the photoshoot.

Thank you for your interest in modelling for me, can I please ask for you to complete and submit the application form below - all fields are mandatory for completion, before submission. 

If you are applying as a couple or as friends, can you please include details about each other where asked.

Please be mindful that when you first reply, you will request and require at least two up to date images of yourself before I consider your application any further (details will be sent in email).

Thank you. 

Model Application
Photoshoot Loation*
Additional Questions*

Please upload at least two recent photos of yourself to support your application. You may add a further two photos if you wish to. 

Upload File
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Thanks for submitting 


I initially modelled for a bit of fun and a new experience.

What I did'nt epect was how much I would enjoy myself 

100% professional throughout. 



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