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Your Questions...


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Please contact me if you have any that are not answered below...

  • How private is the photoshoot?
    Privacy is VERY important to me. On the shoot there is only me and the client(s) in the studio unless you have asked to bring someone along. The same goes for if the photoshoot is held at a hotel room, your own home - Other locations settings are also vetted to ensure privacy.
  • Are you LGBTQ+ exclusive?
    Absolutely not! as a gay photographer everyone is welcome, no matter gender identity or sexuality; Gay, lesbian, non-binary, trans, straight, bi-, poly, swinger, solo, sex worker, something else I missed... come as you are!
  • Do you give direction and help with posing?
    Yes, I give as much verbal direction as possible from start to finish. My clients laugh when I drop to the floor to demonstrate a pose, but I don't mind! Of course, all the normal rules of consent apply – you can change your mind and decide not to do anything at any point. I'll simply say "okay," and move on to something else. If a piece of clothing or hair needs to be adjusted, I will instruct you verbally and will never touch you without permission. My participation in the session is strictly as photographer and nothing else. If you have sent me some "idea photos" of poses you would like to replicate, we will refer to these as we proceed, so that we use some of your ideas - I will also refer to some from my own collection. Top Tip Some of the best pictures captured, are those that are taken as you act naturally and spontaneously through the photoshoot - Be it by yourself as you become more relaxed and aroused, or you and your partner become more intimate with one another.
  • Can I be photographed aroused?
    You may wish to be photographed fully nude, including while aroused, providing you’re comfortable with this. You can expect nothing but professionalism throughout your photoshoot. As like any job I am very much in “work mode” when photographing my clients, focused on creating great photographs – it’s not a sexual situation. I aim to create a safe, friendly and welcoming environment where ever the photoshoot is taking place, so that clients can feel comfortable to be themselves, but this will never cross the line into inappropriate behaviour.
  • Do I have to be 18 years old and over?
    No, not at all - you can be any age to have a studio photoshoot, whether it is for a classic portrait or you are looking to get in to modelling and need your first portfolio collection. These days teenage boys who are looking for a portrait photoshoot, or a model portfolio collection are influenced by modern and contemporary male portrait photography they see on Instagram, TikTok and X (formally known as Twitter), as well as in male life style magazines. However you must be 18 years or older to pose some images (full nude etc...).
  • I am unsure of a male photographer photographing me?
    Then I'd definitely recommend that you search out a female photographer. All clients can expect to be treated with respect and professionalism at all times. However, I understand that being photographed by a man in these circumstances isn’t for everybody. If you wish, you can always bring a friend or family member with you.
  • Do you only photograph men?
    Absolutely not, I will of course photograph anyone. Bad Rabbit Photography was established primarily to photograph the male form, with men in mind, but that’s not exclusive and we happily welcome work from anyone.
  • How many images will I receive?
    It is difficult to say how many professionally edited photos you will receive in your final gallery, as each clients photoshoot is different in requirements. However, on average for a standard photoshoot, you can expect to receive no less than 50 high-resolution images to view.
  • Do you photograph trans men?
    Yes absolutely! Trans men are of course very welcome. I’d love to photograph you. It goes without saying that I firmly support trans and all LGBTQ+ rights, unquestionably. Everyone is welcome no matter who they are or their gender identity.
  • How do I prepare for the photoshoot and what should I bring...?
    If you wish, we can exchange emails or arrange a video call - where we can discuss the type of photos you are wanting, answer any questions you may have about the photoshoot, and explore what clothes to bring etc... Otherwise come nice and clean and fresh and relaxed as you possibly can be. I don’t recommend shaving body hair immediately before a shoot as it tends to create pimples/shavers rash. Best to do this at least three days before the shoot. If you have found some images online of type of images you would like to create, then it is a good idea to email them over to me. (It is always helpful if you can email me example images a few days before your appointment, so that I get a visual idea of the images you wish to replicate). What to bring There is no right or wrong answer to this question because it depends the kind of photos you are having - in general most clients are taking clothes off than putting them on... Consider the style and mood you want for your photos. Are you going for something glam and sexy? Or do you prefer comfortable and intimate? Here are some outfit suggestions. Jeans and t-shirt or jeans Full frontal casual buttoned shirt Blazer or casual jacket T-shirt/Sports Vest Underwear (boxers, briefs, jockstrap etc...) Bathrobe Sports clothing (lycra/spandex all in one or shorts) Fetish wear (leather, rubber, pup mask etc...) You can wear something you already own and love, or you can go shopping especially for the occasion. You don’t have to follow your usual preferences. Maybe you use this opportunity to try something new and exciting. .
  • Do you only photograph in a studio?
    No, a photoshoot can take place anywhere that you want it to; a private gym, your own home, a hotel room or even at secluded outdoor location etc...
  • Can I bring someone with me?
    Yes of course, you are very welcome to bring somebody with you. Please note however due to space and safety, we’d prefer this to be one person than an entourage of family and friends.
  • How do I receive the images?
    You receive an email from myself with a link to a secure gallery, where you can log in using a unique password and then view, order and download your chosen images. The gallery is then deleted after 30days.
  • Do you use or share any of the images taken?
    No, the photos we take are for you and only you. BadRabbit will not use your pictures in any way without your written consent. All images featured on my website and social media are done so with the client’s knowledge and full permission. I take your privacy very seriously. If you wish to let BadRabbit use some, then that would be very welcoming. Just message me after you have received the photos and let me know which ones I can use - thanks.
  • Should I shave my pubes?
    Personally, I like a bit of body hair but then it’s down to the clients own personal choice. What is important is not to shave your body hair on the day before a shoot or your pubes a couple of days before the photoshoot as there is a high likelihood of shaver’s rash. (Unless you do this on a regular basis and know how your body reacts to being shave)
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