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About me

I am gay photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland and have been specialising in all styles of male photography for over 25 years. I have a natural, friendly and relaxed approach to my photography with my own instinctive style.


People decide to get naked in front of our camera for many different reasons. For some it comes at the end of a life changing cancer treatment. For others, it follows the break-up of a long term relationship. Or maybe you’re ready to let go of the past and live in the moment, baring your naked truth.

I am proud to be a gay owned business, with two professional studios in Edinburgh and Glasgow, which are safe and welcoming environments. Although, I don’t work exclusively with gay people, anyone looking for a boudoir style photography is very welcome.

Some trivia about me:-

I enjoy walking, climbing and wild swimming, heading down to the Lake District, Cumbria in my downtime. I am a massive Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fan, reading the books a number of times since the age of 12yo from cover to cover. 

As well as a portrait photographer, I am also an accomplished landscape and city scape photographer.

I enjoy a mix of music from classical to heavy metal, 80s pop to musical theatre and movie soundtracks. 

Over the years, adult themed photography has become increasingly popular and more mainstream; this is no more so than in the genre of male boudoir (dudeoir) photography.

I’d not describe myself as your standard run of the mill ‘portrait’ photographer; lots of photographers now claim to be LGBTQ friendly, but far fewer are genuine enthusiasts in male photography as I am. I'm a gay male photographer who appreciates the male form and understands how to shoot men. I work with clients to put them at their ease and bring out their very best and sexiest of qualities.

In my 25-year journey as a photographer, I have completed freelance work for magazines such as; GayTimes, Attitude and Euroboy, as well as Scotia Pride (Edinburgh Pride).

I’m a self-taught photographer who is not constrained by the normal rules of formal portrait photography. I believe strongly in the concept that "the human body is the best form of art..." – sometimes we simply need someone to help us to express it’.

I founded Xmale photography to offer a safe and relaxed space to create the style of photos that my male clients have always wanted, and for what ever reason. I have found that clients come to me because they are wanting a vastly different kind of photography experience. 

Clients often comment to me afterwards that I was friendly, understanding to their requirements and professional.

My Style

My style of photography is as natural as possible, working equally in the studio or on location (client’s home, a hotel suite or outdoors…). Each photographer has their own specific style and uniqueness that they bring to their photos, and I am no different…

If you look at my photography, you will see that there is a natural feel to a lot of them. Though I do give guidance through my sessions, I’m not into super posey photos, instead allowing the client(s) to express themselves as I work away; this is no more so than with couples, who wish to be more intimate with one another…  

I hope to see you very soon...


You could not have been more professional, friendly or helpful with ideas and guidance. 


Who knew being photographed naked could be so much fun and exhilarating.


(Tony H)

Really nice guy and very friendly to boot. We exchanged emails before the photoshoot, so I knew what to take and how the photoshoot would play out, so there were no surprises


Really good value for money for the number of varied type of edited images I received in the final gallery to choose from.



Knowing that you were a gay photographer was a big plus and made us relax quicker, as we wanted to be sexually intimate.

What a great find in Edinburgh, saved us going to London or Manchester.

(Simon and Adam)

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