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Studio or Location 
Creativity can happen anywhere...


Studio Spaces

Intimate, private space where vision and fantasy turn into photographic reality. 

I currently hire two professional studios when I require them, one in Edinburgh and one is in Glasgow, each one providing 100% guaranteed privacy during the photoshoot. By hiring studios, it keeps my overheads down on rent, electricity etc... therefore I can pass the savings on to my clients and provide a competitive priced service. 

The studios are fully equipped with professional lighting for both low and high key photography, the large windows allow for daylight to stream in for stunning natural lighting for daylight images  – this allows the studios to provide differing light sources, therefore providing the client with a wide variety of images. 


​The studios are specious and adaptable, allowing for a wide variety of images to be taken, you positioned on the sofa, sitting in the window ledges, standing in front of natural walls etc..

So that you receive the best experience and a wide selection of images, I use all available space within the studio.


Props Box

With any photoshoot, you are more than welcome to bring along any props, toys and clothing that you may like to use and wear during your session, if you are unsure what you to bring or wear is suitable, then please contact me to discuss this before your session (do not be shy…)


I do provide some props for use in the photoshoot:


  1. Black leather wrist cuffs

  2. Metal handcuffs

  3. Red furry handcuffs

  4. Masquerade mask

  5. Yellow and black pup mask and collar 

  6. White lube for simulated cum shots

  7. Baby oil for wet look image


*For hygiene reasons, I do not provide any sex toys (dildos etc...), please bring your own toys and preferred lube and towel. 

Edinburgh Studio
Edinburgh Studio
Glasgow Studio
Glasgow Studio

Location Photography

The location that is chosen is important and depends on the type and style of images you are looking to create.

Some suggestions:

  • Your own or a friends home

  • Hotel (I can book this if required or provide a link for day hire hotel rooms)

  • Private club, gym, dungeon etc...

  • Outdoors 

  • Beach

Your own home, or a hotel suite can help you relax quickly, it can make for a homely feel to the images, by taking advantage of the differing rooms settings for a wide variety of photos.

Home or hotel settings are ideal for couples photography, where you might be looking for more intimacy and sexual connection with each other, therefore it is important that you both feel relaxed and comfortable. The familiarity of one's own surroundings helps for more natural flow and spontaneity. 

Unlike the studio, there are no studio lighting or studio backdrops. With photographing on location, it is utilising as much of the natural light or home lighting as possible, as well as taking advantage of the varied spaces that a location can offer to the photoshoot.

If you are of an adventurous nature, or just want to go back to nature, then an outdoor photoshoot can be arranged. This could be a secluded woodland glen, a quiet country meadow or sandy beach, even a private enclosed garden.

Should you know of another location/setting that you would like to use, such a private club, gym or even a dungeon, then please contact me and we can discuss it’s suitability. In theory, if the location is accessible to use, if it is private and secluded away from prying eyes as to not cause offence, then there is no reason why it cannot be used. 

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