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After Dark Photography (new)

For couples who want a little bit Xtra from their photos...

What is an ‘After Dark’ photoshoot?

After Dark photography is becoming one of the most searched for and popular styles of photography by couples.

Erotic (After Dark) boudoir combines boudoir photography with that for more sexual expression, with you deciding what you want to experience and capture as a couple with (almost) no limits.

This is an ideal photoshoot for those couples who would like to get a lot more sexually intimate with one another, than a normal couple’s boudoir session.

The bespoke photoshoot is focused on you as a couple, with the session arranged around the images that you both want and have always wanted to have taken... These can be sensual and sexually artistic, super erotic and risqué as you wish.

Where is the photoshoot held?

The photoshoot can be held at one of my studios (where privacy is guaranteed), in the comfort of your own home, at a hotel suite either arranged by yourselves or me, or at any private location that you might have access to; this can be either an indoor or outdoor location.


As with all my photoshoots, preparation is always key, and it is helpful to know a little bit about the clients, the relationship they have with one another, for example, if they are married, engaged, close friends with benefits, or OnlyFans collaborators.

It is always helpful to understand what the images are going to be used for and the level of sexual intimacy the client is looking to have during the photoshoot. I always recommend that the clients find some reference photos from the internet that they like the look of, and then send them to me – these then give me a good idea and understanding of the type of imagery the client is looking to have taken, or a starting point at least, as things do evolve organically through this type of photoshoot.


No matter if the photoshoot is taking place at the studio, at your home or on location, I start by greeting you and taking a little while to chat to you about the photoshoot and answer any of your questions before we start.

If I am visiting you at your home, hotel room or another location, then it is helpful to have a look around together, so we know what rooms or areas you want to use and which would work best for the photos.

The Photoshoot

This is where the fun happens… it is understandable that most clients will be a little nervous to start with, therefore I normally start off with some underwear shots, so that the couple can relax being photographed, though some clients like to dive straight in and be naked from the start.

As the photoshoot proceeds, so do the clients’ confidence levels, and as they relax more, their natural intimacy and sexual chemistry starts to come through.

I can guide and advise you throughout the photoshoot with images that are posed and staged, or I can take a step back from direction and photograph you from more of a ‘fly on the wall’ perspective, allowing for more candid, natural and spontaneous photos to be taken.

Clients often enquire beforehand, “how sexual can they be with one another during the photoshoot…”, the simple answer is that you can be as sexually active as you would be if you were alone at home; from arousing foreplay oral and toy play to full penetrative intercourse.

An ‘After Dark’ photoshoot is ideal if you are looking for a new life experience to tick from a bucket list, some intimate images for an online profile, a pre-wedding or anniversary gift to one another, or perhaps a premium content collection for your OnlyFans site and subscribers.

Clients book an After Dark photoshoot for many different reasons... I even have repeat clients coming back to refresh their collection of images.

Prices are reasonable and competitive, with the average edited collection comprising more than 150+ quality creative and arousing photographs.

Each photoshoot ends in different ways; with some it is after a moment of sexual climax has been captured on camera, or once I am confident that we have captured all the photos that the client had requested.

The End

Clients, no matter how shy and nervous at the start of the photo shoot, find the end of the photoshoot disappointing. They comment on how fun, relaxed and most of the time how liberating and empowering the experience was.

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