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Home comforts

As well as studio sessions, I can also hold a session in the comfort of your own home or any other indoor setting (or suitable outdoor location).

Perhaps you are visiting the city for a short break and would like some intimate images taken while you have the opportunity. I can arrange to visit you in your hotel room and meet your personal requirements.

The benefits of a home photoshoot:

  1. The comfort of a familiar or homely setting

  2. No distractions of studio flashlights

  3. More variety of scenery change e.g. bedroom, bathroom, lounge and even garden...

The photo session is normally a one camera set up with a portable or camera ring light, no large studio lighting or backdrop is required, so me visiting you is very discreet.

  • Singles, couples or close friends

  • Any gender identity welcome (LGBTQ+)

  • 100% privacy, confidentiality and discretion

Special Offer

Save £25.00 on a home (location) photo session during July & August

Includes 1.5 hour photoshoot + fixed number of complimentary images*

(*Excludes all other discounts)

Contact me today with your requirements

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