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Terms and Conditions:


We welcome client of all ages, there is no upper age limit for experiencing new things, however, if you are 17 years old or younger there are some style of photography you cannot have taken e.g. full nude and sexually explicit/suggestive (erotic), other styles may be taken and we suggest that you ask and discuss these with us before making a booking. (some times we ask for proof of age at the time of the booking to verify age)

Our Promise

I aim to deliver excellent photographs during your experience and endeavour to provide a satisfactory customer experience throughout. If you are not satisfied with your experience, or the service received, please contact us through email. 


All bookings are subject to availability and by appointment only. I reserve the right to change appointments at my discretion. All available sessions will be offered at the time of booking. You must inform me of any changes you wish to make to your booking or photo session. Changes to any bookings must be made prior to the day of your appointment by email.

Failure to attend a booking or notify me to request a change within 48 hours prior to your session will result in a loss of your session and deposit.

Photo Proof ID

Photo proof of age may be requested on attendance, I have the right to cancel, or alter the booking if, 1) the proof of age ID is not presented, 2) I suspect that the ID to false, 3) it is proved you are not of suitable age for the style of photography requested, and 4) I suspect you are not of suitable age for the style of photography requested. 

Deposits/Booking Fee

All bookings are secured by a non-refundable deposit, which is 50% of the session fee, which is paid at the time of making the booking, the remaining balance is to paid 24 hours before the booking date.


Discounts are applied in accordance with any offers T&C's. 

Cancelation & Changes

If you need to make any changes to your appointment or cancel, please email at least 24hours before your appointment date. 

All deposits are non-refundable - if you have paid in full upfront, the deposit will be deducted from any refund amount due. If we need to change your booking at any time and at short notice if a new appointment cannot be arranged, then a full refund will be made within 7 days. 


Please arrive promptly for your appointment.

Changes of outfit are optional for all sessions but may be limited due to time constraints on the session booked. You must bring your own outfits and may bring along your own props/accessories, I will advise on each shoot type and what to bring.

The studio can provide some props and accessories - Please see prop box

Late arrivals or attending without the recommended ID (if required) will result in the studio advising to re-schedule on the day, or for the session to be shorter than planned. In the event of the studio refusing for the shoot to go ahead, another deposit would be required to re-arrange the shoot.


Viewings and orders

Editing of the images normally take between 7-10 days, for express editing of 2 days, there is a charge of £50.

All images, once edited, will be uploaded to a private secure viewing gallery, and you will then be sent the link, along with your personal log in details.

Your gallery will be active for 1 month, in which time you can continue to view your images and purchase additional images, and payment for all orders is required at the time of purchase.

If the images do not meet your expectations, we will look over and amend them if necessary. All images are retouched for the final production, and at the studio’s discretion.

I want your images to be realistic, I will consider your requests but may advise to keep the editing to a minimum.


The copyright of all images that appear on the pages of this website, belongs to Bad Rabbit Photography.


Clients purchasing digital files are sold the intellectual copyright and are given a print release declaration. This license is for private use only, this does not permit the re-sell of these images or give a commercial right for use.

To request the copyright license to use images commercially please contact by email. A copyright release fee will apply.

We may use images for electronic portfolio/gallery purposes, though this is only done with your written permission consent.



You may produce prints from the digital file (jpeg) from your home or other pro print service, colours may vary slightly from different printers. 


You may order prints from your private gallery, these are delivered directly tan address of your choice and are tracked by the courier. - Please see our returns policy, should you be dissatisfied with the final purchase. 


There are some restrictions on the kind of images that are NOT permitted to be printed from our own photo lab: Erection Shots, Sexual Acts Of Any Kind. If in doubt please contact me for clarification.  


Smart phones, cameras and video

Use of personal image capturing devices is strictly forbidden. Due to the sensitive nature of the work and copyright of the images, clients are NOT to use mobile phones or camera equipment in the studio. Anyone found to be in breach of this would invalidate any deposit, and persistent use may result in the studio’s decision to terminate the shoot, resulting in all terms invalid.



Order issues and cancellation policy:

Due to the individual nature of the images created, orders cannot be altered or cancelled once placed. If images do not meet the expectations, we will look over and amend them if necessary.

You should make the studio aware of any complaint within 7 days of your order being received.

Prints must be returned to the studio before any refund can be made or a credit issued to your gallery.

All images are retouched for the final production, and at the studio’s discretion.

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