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Male Couples

What's hotter than to celebrate a relationship or close friendship than having an intimate photoshoot together? An evening at the cinema, or a candlelit meal are a great way to share moments, but will you remember it in a few months or a years’ time…?

There is nothing more liberating, intimate, playful and photogenic than when two people wrapped around each other’s naked body, flesh against flesh, the sexual connection exposed and captured

Today, couple’s boudoir photography remains more popular than ever before, as people look to push their own boundaries and explore new life experiences together. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, creating premium OnlyFans content together, or just want add a new experience to your bucket list, then couple’s boudoir photography session is for you.


My experience shows that the best photos are those that are unplanned and spontaneous between the couple - so let the moment embrace you…

I will work with you to capture stunning images that you simply won't find taken by other mainstream photographers. The photoshoot can be as personal, intimate or as sexual as you like. It is all about having fun, about finding a new way to express yourself as a couple, so do not be shy!


 We both were a little shy at the start, but with some guidance and coaxing we both relaxed, becoming more and more intimate and adventurous as the shoot progressed.

Definitely recommended!


(Alexander & Ryan)

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