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After Dark XXX 

After Dark photography is becoming one of the most searched for and popular style of photoshoots for couples. It combines boudoir photography with erotic photography for true sexual expression, with you deciding what you want to experience and capture as a couple with (almost) no limits.


I create a safe and relaxed environment where you can freely express your sexual desires while I find the best light and angles to capture every moment. The session is free flowing, normally with very little guidance from me, as you sexually interact naturally with one another. 

It’s about the experience of letting loose and exploring the part of yourself that makes you both feel strong, confident, and truly beautiful in your own skin, and as a couple.

Erotica, like boudoir, is a personal experience. Clients are interested in erotica because they are looking for the same kind of self-empowerment that boudoir clients are looking for, they just find that self-empowerment and self-fulfilment in more explicitly sexual experiences and photos.

Couples Erotica photography is about capturing the personal connection and sexual intimacy between two people... so book now and do not be shy!


We booked this photoshoot to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  No selfie could ever capture the kind of images that we had taken and received.

We were encouraged to be as sexually intimate with one another as we wanted to be, this came naturally the more we relaxed and enjoyed the moment. 


(Craig & James)

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